Offline Training

Offline Training or Classroom Training is the traditional yet the most effective form of learning that is being followed from decades. We provide classroom learning with dedicated sessions for learners; where our experts devote their time to impart practical knowledge and help the learners in developing relevant skill-sets. Our instructor starts with the basics and leads you to the advanced level, resonating with the current preferred skills utilized by the Business professionals. We focus on developing your practical knowledge and promote interactive discussions in the classrooms. You will also get the opportunity to work on live projects that will help you deal with the real-time job situations and how to work in less time.

Each course have different time duration for its completion. The class size usually consist of 10-25 students in a single batch where you will get the opportunity to interact and learn together to achieve your learning objectives. Charges for the Classroom Training vary depending on the course opted by you and the category you choose.

We also equip you with study material for better understanding and ease your learning experience. On completion of your course, you will be provided with the Certificate validating the skills acquired by you during the course. It will ultimately enhance your chances for landing up suitable job opportunities.

Some Sample Videos:

Batch Training

Individual Training