Corporate Training

We aim to set new standards in Corporate World by serving our clients in increasing their knowledge and carving out their skills efficiently. We curate the course structure as per the corporate needs and work towards upgrading it from time-to-time as per the industry standard revolutionizes.

We follow certain ground rules before the training starts. Initially we ask for all the relevant data from the company and the technical skills that your employees possess at that point of time. Once the documentation is done, our trainer takes the charge to start the training or refresher course session as per the required skills.

We serve in both online as well as offline classroom training. We also provide on-site training as well as batch training in our premises where we charge INR 15,000/-per head for each candidate. In Online training, our instructor train a team of employees. We usually take 15 days to complete these short-term courses and workshops.

We try to bridge the skill gap that can cause hurdle in the employees’ way and introduce them to master the new age skill models adopted in current corporate world. We offer special services to Companies to unlock their employees’ potential, address their performance; which will help in success of the Company in a long run.

After completion of the course, individuals are rewarded with a market-recognized certificate which will add up to their skills and increase their work efficiency.

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